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Best School Districts in Fort Lauderdale

Moving is never an easy feat. Moving to a new city, while you have young children, can be even more daunting! For each neighborhood you consider, you need to look at crime rates, school districts, accessibility to the school, traffic and congestion, your commute to work, and so many other factors! It’s mayhem! Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I recently moved to Fort Lauderdale with 4 children.


They are 15, 12, and the twins who are 8 years old. It was chaotic. Having to look at the elementary, middle and high school district was a nightmare! Thankfully, I’ve always been a strict Type-A person, who loves to make spreadsheets, gather my intel and then analyze each factor. This was just the first baby step, and the next was seeing which one would best fit my kids needs, and then figuring out which schools within what school district were associated with each other to then narrow down the search.


Doing the Research

Doing the research was a bit daunting at first, because I also had to analyze which neighborhood also fit my husband and my needs. We wanted to more into a more luxurious home as the real estate market was a bit lower than usual, so we wanted to invest in a more high-end neighborhood.


By far my favorite neighborhood was Las Olas. This luxurious neighborhood has everything we need! Beautifully landscaped streets, with great restaurants near by, beautiful designer homes, and best of all, a great school district. The Tim Elmes Group has beautiful luxurious waterfront homes listed on his website located in Las Olas. It was a relief going through his site and checking out all the beautiful homes located in the area.


Now, if Las Olas is above your pricing range, I also recommend Aventura City. It was founded in 1995, so it is a very new city, has a wonderful charter school district. The elementary and middle school were build 15 years ago, so they are quite new and thus it has wonderful facilities.

Here are my findings:

Las Olas:

  • Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School
  • Bayview Elementary School
  • St. Anthony School

Harbor Beach:

  • Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School
  • Bayview Elementary School
  • St. Anthony School
  • Harbordale Elementary

Indian Creek:

  • Biscayne Elementary
  • Saint Patrick Parish School
  • North Beach Elementary
  • Nautilus Middle School
  • Miami Beach Senior High School
What do you think? If you live in Fort Lauderdale, what other neighborhoods would you suggest with amazing K-12 school districts?

How to Help Your Child Cope Up with Bullying At School

Bullying has become rampant nowadays. Most of the time, it happens in places far from home. Kids who are perceived to be weak are often the subject of such wrongdoing. Not being with our children in school, we find ourselves unaware of what is happening. Bullied kids tend to remain silent and squirm back inside their shells. This is why it is very important that we communicate with our kids from time to time. If you found that your child is bullied in school, here are some tips that may help him cope with bullying at school:

Talk to him/her every time he/she comes home from school

Because of being too caught up with work, we sometimes fail to realize that we have lost time to communicate with our children. Communication is very vital in parenting. Hence, we should always find time for them. They have to feel our presence and protection. Always know what happened in school. In that way, we get to understand their struggles. They’ll be at ease to share things with you.

Get to know the bully

Don’t get too carried away with your emotions wanting to get even with the one who bullies your children. Set a good example to them. Identify the bully and know his or her background. Bullies in school are those who seek attention and are also bullied somewhere else. They just want to feel great. Instead of seeking revenge, talk to the bully’s parents and settle with them.

Communicate with the school personnel

Since you are not always around in school, you find ways to check on your children from time to time. Contact their teachers or other school personnel. In this way, you will feel assured knowing that your children are doing well in school.

These are pretty easy tips to go with. Don’t be ignorant of your children’s engagements. Be involved in their lives and stand for them.

4 Tips in Encouraging your Children to Do Their Homework in Time



Putting children to do their homework can really be challenging. Oftentimes, they prefer to play and do other stuff that would entertain them rather than bore themselves in front of their textbooks. Check out these 4 items on the list which may help you in encouraging them to do their homework in time:


Make deals with them

Who wouldn’t love rewards? Kids are always up for treats. Do bargain with them. If they do what is expected of them, ask them what they want as a reward. If not, then they don’t get the end of the deal. It’s as simple as that.


Explain the Whys

Of course, kids don’t see the point of doing their homework. They love to procrastinate and keep on putting it aside. They don’t care at all. This is where you get in. Don’t start a long speech because that will make them feel terrible. Tell them why it is necessary that they learn to prioritize their studies in the simplest way possible. Try explaining using their favorite cartoon characters or any scene from a show they can relate to. They love to listen to anything that tickles their imaginations.


Do not be too controlling

 When kids are forced to do something they don’t want, they tend to become more rebellious. Avoid getting into petty fights with them. You will only stress yourself. Ride on with what they want at first without taking away the line of authority out of their sight.If they want to play first before settling down, let them be for a few minutes, provided that you make things clear to him that he has to get school work done after.


Guide them

What sometimes makes kids avoid homework is the fact that they are afraid of not knowing how to do it. Sit by them and guide them step by step. In that way, they will feel assured that they can get things done because someone is there for them.


There is actually no perfect strategy for this. At the end of the day, it is still up to you which one works best for your children. All you have to do is to be the best parent you can be. Everything is going to be worth it in the end, and your children will thank you for all your effort.



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